Mobie Group

The number of skills needed in the working life is growing and changing at an accelerated pace. Due to this, the need for schools, companies and organizations to retrain their clients/staff is increasing all the time. Mobie Group is an international group of companies developing next-generation digital learning and training solutions.

The New Era of Digital Learning

Mobie Group is an international, Finnish-rooted group of companies building world’s leading digital learning and training solutions. With offices in Finland, Germany, USA and China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), as well as data centres and webshops all over the world, we are positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the future of learning. Our customers include schools, universities, educational institutions and multi-national organizations and companies all over the world.

Mobie Shanghai <br>Technology Ltd.

Mobie Shanghai
Technology Ltd.

Mobie Healthcare <br>Academy Ltd.

Mobie Healthcare
Academy Ltd.

Mobie Security <br>Academy Ltd.

Mobie Security
Academy Ltd.

Mobie Safety

Mobie Safety & Rescue Academy Ltd.


Mobie Learning Platform

Next-generation learning environment, which allows you to study on all devices, regardless of screen size or operating system. One of the most versatile learning, training and orientation environments in the market!