Mobie Education Ltd.

The Finnish school system produces provenly the best teachers in the world. Mobie Education Ltd. offers schools and colleges the consulting and teacher training of the top Finnish education professionals, within the framework of Mobie Teacher’s Training Program, as well as the Mobie e-learning environment, which is developed collaboratively by Finnish teachers. Mobie Education Ltd. is part of the Hong Kong-based Mobie Group.

Teacher Training Program

The shortage of competent teachers is globally the major challenge on the quality of education offered to students.

The Finnish school system produces the world’s best, most highly trained, and most competent teachers who form the foundation of education. The secret is that a lot of effort is and has been put into the initial training and the in-service training of our educators.

The Mobie Teacher’s Training Program is a modern teacher training program based on the pedagogical principles and themes of Finnish education. It is fully adjusted to meet the needs of the local and cultural environment. With our experts and partners, we are developing world-class teacher training courses and programs. Our Teacher Training program is targeted at all teachers, for developing their skills and competencies to the 21st century.

Our Objectives

To develop highly professional and motivated teachers who have the knowledge and skills to inspire the best learning results in their students. We empower teachers to become lifelong learners and learning content developers.

Our Values

The paradigm change of the Teacher’s work has the key role in enhancing students’ performance and in increasing the quality of their education. Motivated Teachers who keep exploring and developing their competences will find innovations to motivate their students to the best results. This is a great value in creating effective educational systems.

The Mobie Teacher’s Training Program is based on modules that give teachers the knowledge, competencies, and skills to improve their performance.